A program to master the science of Management Consultancy by learning from India's Top 1% Management Consultants

      Application Close: 28 May 2022


Management Consulting Fellowship Program

This Program is for

MBA students 

If you are an MBA student interested in pursuing a career as a Management Consultant


Working professional who wants to switch career to Management Consulting role


If you are student interested in pursuing a career as a Management Consultant


Who wants to gain practical experience and learn skills that will help him or her land a career as a Consultant

Meet your Mentors

Arindam Roy


Management Consultant at Deloitte

Ayush Kumar


Management Consultant at KPMG

Harsh Bansal


Consultant at Deloitte

The Programme Curriculum over 6 weeks

Module 1

Consulting 101

  • What is Management Consulting?
  • What a career in Management Consulting truly looks like-high level.
  • Different types of Management Consulting Roles.
  • Group formation for Live Project in Life Sciences & Healthcare, Government & Public Services and various Industries.

Module 2

Important Concepts in Management Consulting Part-1

  • The Pareto Principle.
  • Pyramid Principle.
  • MECE
  • Hypothesis testing and Issue trees.
  • Discuss and work on Live Project

Module 3

Important Concept in Management Consulting Part-2

  • Benchmarking.
  • Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis.
  • Balanced Scorecards.
  • Matrix thinking (BCG Growth Matrix)

Module 4

Important Concepts in Management Consulting Part-3

  • Backward logic/Reasoning
  • KPIs and Business Drivers
  • Low-Hanging Fruits.
  • Theory of Constraints and Bottlenecks.
  • Lean Manufacturing.

Module 5

Consulting Tools and Techniques

  • Different Types of cases based on Market sizing, Optimization etc.
  • Case studies based on the Concepts discussed.

Module 6

Important Consulting Strategy Frameworks

  • Profitability Optimization
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Growth Plan/ Strategy
  • Industry Landscapes & Competitor Dynamics.
  • Market Entry or Expansion
  • Start- Up/ Early Stage Venture.

Module 7

Solving Different Case Study Problems

  • Discussing various Case Studies

Module 8


  • Solving various Guesstimates questions asked during the Interview.

Module 9

Resume Building & Interview Preparation

  • How to create a Resume for Management Consulting Role?
  • How to crack Management Consulting Interview?

Module 10

Live Project Presentation

  • Project Presentation by group of Life Sciences & Healthcare, Government & Public Services and Power Utilities & Renewables and various Industries.

What more you will get ?

Consulting COMMUNITY

Live Project

Placement Support

Mock Interview

Our Entrusted Recruitment Partner 

Certificate which is equivalent to Practical Experience

Easily Shareable

After completion of Program, you can put on your CV and LinkedIn as Fellow Management Consultant at Grow Junction (Our program is equivalent to experience and which is more valuable in the eyes of recruiters)

Official and Verified

Receive signed certificates from Management Consultant from Big 4


As you will be trained by the Management Consultants themselves and not just one but from more than 3 top firms in the world, your credibility will be enhanced.

150+ learners have been placed in their dream Consulting role

What OUr ALum say about our program


How can I join this program?

    You can apply for the Program through the above button by completing the online application. GrowJunction's mentor will review your application and if you get selected our team will inform you and you will suppose to pay the rest amount.

Where will this program take place?

    Management Consulting Fellowship Program is a live virtual program and can be attended from anywhere with a laptop or mobile.

When the Program will start ?

    It will start tentatively in the First week of June 2023.

How does this Program works ?

    This Program is designed in such a way that you will apply what you learn. It has  8+ live sessions where you can interact with the instructors and have Q & A. Also, you will get the recordings of these live sessions.

How long will I be able to access the Program ?

    You can be part of  8+ live sessions for 6 weeks. You will have access to all the recording for 365 days

Will I be able to complete the Program along with my job or internship?

    Yes, we have designed the program to make it suitable for full-time professionals. Sessions are conducted on weekends and can also be watched later through learning dashboard. Also there are recorded session which you can watch any time based on your comfort.

What if I am not able to attend live classes ? Will the recordings be provided ?

    Our live sessions will be on weekend however if you miss the class, you can watch the recording later.

I am a fresher, can this Program helpful to me ?

    Yes, we will start from basic. And most of the learnings are practical requires no prior knowledge. You will easily able to understand the concept and apply them at same time.

How much time commitment this Program requires ?

    There will two 2-hour live lessons every week and other sessions such as guest sessions, case study, group discussions etc. All of these sessions are valuable. Every session will be recorded and will be made available in your dashboard, so that you can come back to them in future. Then there will be live project which requires only 2 hours per week( Depend on you).

What kind of Placement Support you provide?

    1. Your resume will be shared with our industry partners.
    2. Based on your performance in the program mentors will refer you to their company
    3. You will have access to an exclusive community where we will be sharing the job opportunity that we come across from our partnered companies 200+ companies which are zomato, Paytm, Deloitte, Etc also other opportunities which you may missed out on because you may not be aware about them.
    4. You will be able to give Mock interviews to Management Consultant themselves
    5. Resume building and interview preparation is a part of this program.

Who all will be eligible to get access to Placement Support?

    You need to submit your Live project and score more than 70% in your quiz to get access to our Placement services.

    Also based on your performance in the program mentors will refer you to their company

If I am unable to attend the program or need to pull out at the last minute, will I get a refund?

    Refer to our refund policy page.

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