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Purpose: Leverage Audio Content and Reach New Audiences

Thu Mar 10, 2022

Although audio is technically a media type or channel rather than a technique, consumers aged 12 and above are listening to online audio content at unprecedented levels, according to a content format research done by Edison Research and Triton Digital. People spend an average of 17 hours per week listening to podcasts, online radio shows, and audiobooks.

The demand for audio material has exploded, but it doesn't imply people will listen to it because your branded podcast is a podcast. They'll only listen if it can keep their attention and, ultimately, entertain them.

This is where the technique comes into play: A host/guest model is used by many podcasts. Because presenters can tap into the guest's audience, and vice versa, this approach is tremendously popular. It's a win-win situation as long as both parties promote themselves successfully. That's why it's critical to carefully select guests and make it simple to promote the show and episode in which they appear.

The podcast viewership, as well as the level of involvement, grows with each new guest.

· What is your content's main focus?

· Is the content on your website consistent?

It's not only about posting on the same day and time every week (though that helps!) but also about providing content that aligns with your brand, message, and content pillars.

Your viewers will return for more if you provide consistent material. Your listeners are interested in learning more about a specific topic or being entertained while listening to your podcast.

Creating content without a clear focus will confuse or turn off your readers.

How to go about it: Develop a content strategy centered on 3–To 5 content pillars that feed into your company's primary emphasis. Create material around those pillars.

Are You Making Eye Contact With Your Audience?

First and foremost, know whom you're talking to.

Take the time to get to know them. Recognize what is essential to your audience in their professional and personal lives. Please find out how they act, what motivates them, and what they do with their time.

You'll be able to construct a tale around your issue once you've figured out who they are and what they care about.

Consider some of your favorite podcasts, articles, or television episodes. Do they merely include information, or do they weave facts and data into a compelling story?

How to accomplish it: Use your content to take your audience on a journey. Draw an image that makes your audience feel something to connect with you and your company.

What are your methods for delivering value?

Are you giving your viewers something of value?

You'll know what your audience wants and needs from your content once you've figured out who they are.

The more content you provide that your audience wants, needs, and values, the more time they will spend listening to your episodes, connecting with them, and sharing them.

Please provide them with a value that will motivate them to act, and deliver that value with each interaction.

How to accomplish it: Ask yourself what your audience will take away from your material and if it's something that matters to them every time you outline and film an episode.

"The podcast industry in India has reported significant growth in listenership over the years. As per PricewaterhouseCoopers' Media and Entertainment Outlook 2020 report, with over 57.6 million listeners, India has emerged as the third-largest podcast listening market after China and the US.

The on-demand nature of the medium helps podcasts to be consumed anytime anywhere. You can listen to any genre and the audio content allows the listener to multitask. It allows the listener to choose from varied content across topics and from different content creators. They're easy to access and mobile first. It allows for a community to be created based on similarities of the topic. It's a great learning platform across subjects. The variety of subjects available is also an advantage. They provide a form of entertainment as well. I love podcasts as the medium allows for anyone to create content with ease. The host plays a huge role in a podcast. They have to be relatable and should be able to deliver with ease. Content, duration and the tone make a huge difference in creating user engagement. Its important to create content that the listener is able to relate to and has some take away from every episode. It's important to create an intimate relationship with the listener. Remember the listener is only led by your voice and tone. In the coming years, podcasts will go beyond learning and entertainment and will allow brands to create their own space." – Bhuvana Subramanyan

Pragati Gupta
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