Audience Engagement Techniques - Video Marketing

Purpose: Leverage Video Content and Reach New Audiences

Thu Mar 10, 2022

Video has surpassed blogs and infographics as the most famous content strategy media. There are several causes for this:

It's adaptable. You can make YouTube videos, put them on your site, share them on social networking, and more.

It's a unique type of organic play. In the search engine results pages (SERPs), Google displays videos (search engine results pages). YouTube is a search engine in and of itself and is the second most popular website behind Google (Alexa).

The interaction is enjoyable. Video usage is outpacing television, and it is more effective at communicating information (Biteable).

Consumers aren't just looking for audio content; they're also looking for video content. And as a result of engagement and repurposability, intelligent marketers see a return on their investment.

The 8 Different Kinds of Marketing Videos:

You must first decide what type of video(s) you want to make before filming. Check out this list to learn more about your choices.

1. Demonstrations

Demo films illustrate how your product works, whether by giving viewers a tour of your software and how to use it or by unboxing and testing an actual device.

Learn how to include video into the buyer's journey at each level.

2. Promotional Videos

Typically, brand videos are produced as part of a more comprehensive advertising campaign to highlight the company's high-level vision, goal, or products and services.

The purpose of brand videos is to increase brand recognition while enticing and attract your target audience.

3. Videos from the Event

Is your company organizing a conference, a round table discussion, a fundraiser, or something else?

Make a highlight clip or make available interviews and presentations from the Event.

4. Interviews with experts

Interviewing internal experts or industry thought leaders is a wonderful method to establish trust and authority with your target audience. Find industry influencers — whether they support your point of view or not — and bring these conversations in front of your target audience.

The video above is more than a surface-level interview; it's a deep dive with an industry expert with actionable lessons for anyone interested in developing viral content. Don't be scared to be strategic with your interviews; your viewers will benefit from it.

5. How-to or educational videos

Instructional videos can teach your audience something new or help them gain the core knowledge they'll need to understand your company and its products better. Your sales and service personnel can also use these films when dealing with customers.

6. Educative Videos

This video form is designed to explain to your viewers why they need your product or service. Many explainer videos depict a fictional journey of a company's primary buyer persona who has difficulty solving a problem. This person solves the problem by adopting or purchasing the company's answer.

For difficult-to-understand concepts requiring full images or describing an abstract service or product, animated videos can be a fantastic approach.

7. Customer Testimonial and Case Study Videos

Your prospects want to know if your product can help them with their specific issue. Making case study movies featuring your delighted, loyal clients is one of the most acceptable methods to demonstrate this. These are your most ardent supporters. Get them to talk about their problems and how your company helped them solve them on camera.

8. Videos from Live Events

Your audience will get a unique, behind-the-scenes glimpse at your organization via live video. It also attracts longer streams and higher engagement rates — consumers watch live video for up to 8.1 times longer than they do video-on-demand. Interviews, presentations, and events that are streamed live invite viewers to ask questions.

Pragati Gupta
MBA Student, IIM Vizag
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